Now days more than ever it feels that the Holidays are just filled with more and more stuff! We are coming to realize that sometimes the gift of experiences can have a longer impression and leave lasting memories a lot longer than any toy or game can.
Also we are in a time period where kids are feeling a greater disconnect from the natural world around them. It’s important to take time away from the indoors and screens and re-connect them with the gigantic world that surrounds them!
That’s our goal here at Pacific Animal Productions, to connect people to not only amazing animals but the natural world that surrounds us. If we aren’t aware of all the awesomeness that is found on this Earth and only on this Earth than what a waste! We are missing out on discovering, learning and appreciating the many habitats and animals that share the planet with us!
One way we are able to create a truly special connection is with our Zooprize parties! Yes, we present it in a fun, memorable way to help celebrate no matter your age, but it comes down to creating that connection, educating and hopefully sparking curiosity and action.
Click the  button below to check out  some of our animal ambassadors in action as they got to hang around with Jenny from CBS 8 Morning Extra to share about our Zooprize Parties. And next time you’re in need of a gift, think of giving an experience that will last a lifetime. And make it a true Zooprize!