Summer Safari Virtual ZOOm Camp!

5 Days of Fun for only $125

$10 Registration/Shipping Fee per Family 

Each additional sibling $85 

Prepare to Head Out on a Summer Safari! 

July Session: July 13th – July 17th   – Sold Out

August Session: August 3rd – August 7th 

No need to leave your house (or PJs for that matter) to head out on a Summer Safari learning about all kinds of animals in the animal kingdom. In this week long journey you will be introduced to over 25 animal ambassadors that include birds, mammals, reptiles & invertebrates! Our virtual ZOOm Camp is led by experienced educators that will engage campers in a fun & entertaining way. 

Each day will include a song or story, a craft (all supplies included) and a Learning Safari with live animal ambassadors. 

All supplies & crafts are delivered directly to your door for easy parent preparation! 

  • Camp is daily Monday – Friday  9:00am – 10:30am PST 
  • Suggested ages 6 -12 years 
  • Camp facilitated through Zoom 
  • Limited Camp size for best experience 
  • Last Day to Register is Wednesday before start date

How to Register

  • Click the Register Now button and complete the payment process providing needed information 
  • Email Registration Form will be sent
Information Needed to Complete Registration Form
  1. Campers full name & birthdate
  2. Parent/Legal guardian Full name and contact information (email, address, phone, etc.)
  3. Contact information of adult that will be present in the household when Zoom camp is occurring (if different from above) 

Age Requirements

Suggested age is 6 years old to 12 years old. This camp is designed to be hands-on for campers yet hands off for parents. Children should be okay working by themselves with direction from camp educators. 

Camp Confirmations

  • Once Registered Campers spots are secure
  • Parents will receive Registraton Form to complete with above mentioned information
  • Email to notify when Camp Activity Kits are shipped (contains all crafts & supplies necessary)
  • Email with Zoom instructions & Zoom Codes
  • Parent Guide with expected daily schedule & helpful information

Safety & Educators

Who are the Camp Educators?

Our virtual camp educators are full time, year round team members. They are experienced educators that work with both children of all ages and the animal ambassadors. There is always a minimum of 2 educators present during virtual camp.

Do I need to be present with my child? 

Our virtual camps are designed to be hands-on for campers and hands-off for parents.  We do require that a responsible adult is within the household and available for any emergencies but you do not need to be in the same room as the camper.

Keeping the Camper safe

  • We use a unique zoom links and passwords for each daily session.
  • Only those registered will be allowed into the zoom session.
  • All campers must enter through a waiting room so we can verify their identity.
  • Private chat capabilities will be disabled.
  • There will always be a minimum of two educators present at all times.

What is Needed

Zoom Platform

For our virtual camps, we use a video conference platform called Zoom.  It will be required to have a Zoom compatible device with video, sound and microphone capabilities.

We recommend using a large tablet or computer for the best virtual camp experience. Anything smaller may make it difficult to see, hear and interact with our camp educators & animals.

Please make sure to test zoom prior to your first camp session:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom and under “support” click “test Zoom”
  3. It will ask you to join a meeting, click “join” and make sure to disable any pop up blockers
  4. Allow Zoom to open when a pop up window opens
  5. Join the meeting with video and audio. You child must be visible on video during camp as an added safety measure

Logging into your camp session

You will receive an email with a unique Zoom login and password for each day of camp.  This email will arrive once registration is completed. In the email, please click on the blue Zoom link and follow the prompts to activate video and audio. The waiting room will be open for 5 minutes prior to the start of camp, and for 10 minutes after.  Only those registered will be allowed in the Zoom session, for safety, please do not share this link with anyone else.

How to set up your Child for success

  • Please help them log into their Zoom camp. We will be controlling their ability to mute and unmute from our end, no need to teach them how to do that!
  • Please try to set them up in a quiet space with some table room for crafts
  • We will be mailing a complete kit with all the supplies needed for the week. Please help them find the correct envelope for the day as well as the supplies they need for the daily craft according to the Parent Guide
  • We will allow for snack time during the session. Please pack them a snack and drink the same way they would if they were at “in person” camp, that way they don’t have to get up to get one.
  • Our schedule will generally go as follows:
    1. Introduction
    2. Song/Story
    3. Craft & Snack
    4. Learning Safari with the Animals

If you have any additional questions regarding Summer Safari Virtual ZOOm Camp or the registration process please feel free to contact us by email or by phone. 

We believe in Conservation through Education