Our educational programs bring a fun, engaging & safe way to learn about the natural world around us. From Pre-school to High School, family fun nights or fundraisers, library programs, company picnics, scout or troop meetings, and  Senior Facilities, we create programs that are age & grade level appropriate. While filling it with information & facts but also with laughs and audience participation to keep the students interested and engaged taking back to the home or to the classroom what they’ve learned on their Learning Safari.

Assembly/Large Group Programs (up to 400 people) – $675

Classroom Program (under 30 children) – $575

      Pricing for within the greater Los Angeles area. Additional travel cost may be added outside of our home based area.

Discount available for additional programs the same day, location & theme.

Please see our Covid-19 Guidelines for additional safety measures. 

We travel throughout Southern/Northern California. Please contact us for exact travel fee.

Browse some of our most popular Learning Safari Program themes. If you do not see one that fits your needs, our Educators are happy to create a custom theme to fit your learning desires & outcomes. Contact us to discuss the perfect Learning Safari.

Wild World

Travel the world and learn about different habitats and adaptations from a range of animals. We will learn about the different continents that these animals originate from and their special environments and how they adapt to their specific homes.

Rainforest Alive

Learn about the world’s rainforests and their animals. Travel through the layers of the Rainforest, from the emergent layer through the canopy, the understory down to the forest floor with this exciting program. This show also has a conservation message that will be easy to follow, even for the youngest friends.

Fur, Feathers and Fun

This hand’s on program is an adventure in the sensations of touch, with the topic on the different animal body coverings and why each animal’s body has a different covering. From fur to feathers and scales to spines, there is a great lesson to learn. This program is perfect for groups of 60 or less, but can accommodate larger groups as well.


A is for Alligator, B is for Bettong. Perfect for the youngest adventurers, this program focuses on letter & sound recognition, as well as introducing multi-syllable words, all with a wild twist.

Animal Antics

The hilarious things that animals do to survive. Some animals play dead, some can bend, twist and turn or wiggle away and some will make sounds to blend in with their surroundings. Each animal has it’s own antics and what a fun way to learn about what they do.

North American Natives 

From our own backyard to the opposite coast, we are so lucky to have such beautiful animals living near by. Learn about the amazing creatures that share our native North America with us.

Wild West Roundup

Enjoy a fun hiking and camping adventure story, where you can discover the animals of the mountains, deserts and forests while pretending to be there yourself. Great for camps, picnics and family nights.


Learn about each animal’s way of surviving, while trying to survive some challenges yourself. This show is great for large groups and varied ages. Volunteers will be chosen to “compete” with certain challenges against the animals. Speed, bravery and strength are just a few that will keep everybody cheering.

Tongues, Tales and Scales

Learn the five different types of reptiles and what makes them feared by so many. These cold blooded creatures have sometimes been overdramatized by Hollywood and it is time to learn the truth about these scaly animals.

Animal’s on The Edge

This show is perfect for any age, we should all know about endangered animals and what we can do to help out. From simple recycling to adopting a part of the rainforest, this show end’s on the wonderful success story of the alligator, who was taken OFF the endangered species list in 1972.

Out of Africa

Go on an African adventure to discover the secretive animals of Africa. So many sounds are heard, but the smaller animals are rarely seen. Discover what so many are missing.

Animal Ambassadors

Take a peek at all the Animal Ambassadors that may join you on your “Learning Safari”

Please note: Animals with a “*” are not pettable and animals with a “!” require an additional charge.

**Due to Covid-19 & uncertainty of how the virus may spread to those species closely related,  Monkeys are not an animal choice until further notice**

Non-pettable Animals:

All Parrots & Macaws


Swainson’s Hawk



Premium Animals:



Ant eater