Karla (pictured above), a native San Diegan, grew up within shouting distance of the world famous San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park. So naturally from the beginning both animal conservation organizations influenced Karla’s dreams of working with animals.

Lucky to grow up around animals and work at a veterinarian hospital throughout high school, Karla was sparked with a passion for animal care but had even bigger dreams. Karla continued to pursue her passion for animals at Moorpark College where she graduated with a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Wildlife Management. She immediately moved to Oregon working for Wildlife Safari where she cared for everything from lions and elephants and traveled with a cheetah & chimpanzee conducting preservation outreach programs statewide. During these travels Karla discovered her true calling: animal education & outreach

Relocating back closer to home, she joined the animal training staff at the San Diego Safari Park, which led to leading & creating programs with the elephants, birds and native North American animals.

But Karla saw the need for early animal education and with being an entrepreneur at heart, in 1987 Pacific Animal Productions was born. Starting out with just a handful of animals she traveled to schools, libraries, corporate events & birthday parties, educating kids of all ages with a goofy, personal, memorable way. The company has now grown to 100s of animals & several employees that all share the goal & passion Karla brings to Wildlife Education & Conservation.