“Zooprize” Parties are a fun and entertaining way to celebrate a birthday, special event or even just a festive get together. The program can be performed in your home, at a park, community center or any place you are planning on having your celebration.

The birthday child will be our Super Safari Helper and will be involved with all aspects of the event. One of our highly skilled trainers will get everyone involved solving the fun rhymes and clues given to work out the mystery of what amazing animal is inside the huge, pre-wrapped, ventilated birthday boxes. After the trainer gives a brief description and few fun facts, they will invite your guests to ask questions and interact with the animal, if possible–most of them are! This is an interactive, educational, and fun way to make any celebration memorable.

THREE different “Zooprize” Parties to choose from!

Wild Zooprize

  • $350

  • Trainer’s choice of 6 animals

Classic Zooprize 

  • $400

  • Your choice of 5 animals

Ultimate Zooprize 

  • $450

  • Your choice of 7 animals & a photo session

  • Photos are of course allowed throughout the entire program yet the photo session is an opportunity for each of your guests to sit & hold one photo animal as you snap a picture.

We travel throughout Southern California. Please contact us for exact travel fee.

Our “Zooprize” programs are best for smaller groups of 25 kids or less, we are happy to
accommodate more guests; however, guest interaction with animals will be more limited. 

Want to honor multiple children at the same party?  Brother, sister, cousin, friend, no problem!

Want more animals to join in the fun? Add an animal of your choice for an additional $25 each.

Animal Ambassadors

See all the animals available for your “Zooprize” celebration

Please note: Animals with a “*” are not pettable and animals with a “!” require an additional charge.

Non-pettable Animals:

All Parrots & Macaws


American Kestrel 

Swainson’s Hawk

Fennec Fox



Premium Animals: