it's a zoo around here

Karla MajewskiKarla Majewski

A native San Diegan, Karla grew up within shouting distance of the world famous San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park. Both animal conservation organizations influenced Karla's dreams of working with animals.

Karla had horses as a child and was lucky enough to have some of the greatest inspiring mentors, Bud Brennick and Dr. David Zanders DVM, who encouraged her to dream big. Dr. Zanders hired Karla to work at his veterinary hospital in high school. Then Karla pursued her passion for animals at the famous Moorpark College in Los Angeles, where she graduated with a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Wildlife Management.

Eager to get started, she moved to Oregon and worked for Wildlife Safari. Karla's experience was broad: everything from caretaking for lions and elephants to state-wide traveling with a cheetah conducting preservation outreach programs. During these travels Karla discovered her true calling: public speaking. But Southern California, her family and the warm weather called Karla home. She was fortunate to join the animal training staff at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which led to show hosting duties with the elephant, bird and North American animal shows.

But Karla is an entrepreneur at heart and in 1987 Pacific Animal Productions was born. Now her own zoological collection travels throughout the western states for school shows, grand events, fairs, movies and festivals with the goal of bringing animals and people closer together.

We hope you cross paths with Karla's wonderful menagerie sometime soon. Or, maybe you already have? Karla or her sons have appeared with the gang on "Wild Science", "Wild World Tour", "Shark Discovery", "The Rainforest Experience", "Safari Adventure Live", and "A Bug'zz Life." She has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Tonight Show, and local TV news segments.


Cindi Cavallini

Like all children, Cindi grew up with a love and fascination for all animals. That love turned into a true passion. Going through high school she tried to figure out what path to take that would allow her to work closely with as many animals as possible. She was lucky enough to learn about Moorpark College through a college advisor and was accepted into the exotic animal studies program right after graduation. She quickly became friends with Karla and in their second year of the program they became roommates. After college their lives took very different paths; Cindi joined the circus. The original plan was just for the summer, but time flew and it turned into 15 years. During her years traveling and enjoying the close contact with a wide array of animals, she met and married her husband Roberto, a fifth generation circus performer, and they had son, Aaron. During those 15 years Cindi was lucky enough to work with elephants (a dream come true) and the only performing herd of six Friesian liberty stallions in the U.S. When it was time for her horses to retire from performing, her family did the same. In December 2002, she began working with Pacific Animal Productions and quickly realized she had found her home. Working with animals and children were her lifetime dream. At Pacific Animal Productions, she lives that dream everyday.


Jennifer HartJennifer Hart

A Northern California native, Jennifer always knew she wanted to work with animals but was not sure just how. After high school she moved down south where she received a Bachelor's in Biology at San Diego State University. After graduating, her path to working with animals was still not clear. She had learned about the Exotic Animal and Training Management program at Moorpark College from a family friend who was a graduate  of the program. Learning more about this one of a kind program Jennifer was excited about bringing  her different passions together; animals, performing, and teaching. Just one day after graduating from Moorpark, Jennifer joined the Pacific Animal Productions team. She has loved being given the opportunity to share about animals to people all over Southern California. Being able to teach and inspire children about animals is Jennifer's goal and dream.

Will Warden

Will Warden

Will, a native San Diegan, was fortunate enough to grow up going to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park (Safari Park). It was at these various educational facilities that he discovered his passion for animals as well as realized his dream of one day being just like his heroes Joan Embry and Jack Hanna.

Will attended college locally, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from San Diego Christian College. While there he began to pursue some other passions like travel, volunteering for humanitarian efforts and sports. After college he furthered his interest in those passions by traveling to Africa and Australia, volunteered with various groups and played semi-pro football for 6 years.

While working in the service industry in Downtown, San Diego, Will realized something was missing and that he wanted to further pursue his passion of animals but wasn’t sure how. He soon learned about the Exotic Animal Training and Management (EATM) program at Moorpark College where he could learn how to care for and train exotic animals as a career. Will imagined himself working with big cats or doing stage shows, so he did various internships at different facilities throughout the country.

Little did he know that after graduation he would not work with big cats or be on a stage, instead Will worked behind the scenes, training animals for a studio company. Will worked on various commercials, TV shows, and movies like Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, Jessie, Entourage and Ted 2 just to name a few.

This was an amazing opportunity for Will but it wasn’t until he began to do some work with Pacific Animal Productions that he found how he could truly be like Joan Embry and Jack Hanna. Thus he moved back to San Diego to become an Animal Educator teaching the public about the wondrous animals that we share our world with.

Jessica MalleyJessica Malley

Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Jessica was fascinated by animals since she was a kid. After she graduated from high school, she attended Temple University in Philadelphia to pursue a degree in Biology. After two years at Temple, she decided that the city was not for her and transferred to Pennsylvania State University where she graduated with a B.S. in Biology in May 2016. During her time in college she completed many animal care internships at different zoos, volunteered at wildlife rehabilitation clinics, volunteered at her local animal shelter on the medical team, and worked as a veterinary technician at a cat clinic. During the summer of 2015, Jessica worked for Pacific Animal Productions where she discovered her love for wildlife education. She is excited to be a part of the PAP team and share her passion for wildlife with you!