We have animals for ANY event.
Zooprize Birthday Parties
animal party"Zooprize Birthday Parties" are a fun and entertaining way to celebrate anyone's birthday. The show can be performed in your home, at a park, community center or any place you are planning on having your party. Click here to what might pop out of your birthday present box.
School Assemblies/Learning Centers
With almost 20 Learning Safari show themes to choose from, (and more being added all the time), there is always a show to fit the theme of your event. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we are great at creating new themes. Our Learning Safari shows are perfect for any event, from preschool to high school, family fun nights and fundraisers, library shows, company picnics, scout meetings, camps, and anywhere else people want to learn about animals. We can accommodate up to 400 people per assembly and provide our own sound system. Click here to see show descriptons.

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Library events
Click here to learn more about our library events.

Large & Multi-Hour Events

Theme Party Handler Stationary/Walk-Around With Animals

These parties can feature costumed stationary and walk-around handlers with themes such as Safari, Morrocan, Circus, Tropical, Hawaiian, Pirate, and more. Let us know your theme. We're happy to dress the part.

Option one: This option is perfect at the entrance of an event. What better way to greet your guests than with a surprise photo oppurtunity. We create a themed photo area with parrots on perches OR a snake photo area so guests can  remember their special event.

Option two: This option is perfect for events where there are other activities going on at the same time. Guests can come and go as they please and will always see something different each time they return. We will bring an 8' by 8' themed area where guests can interact with the animals the entire time we are there. We will rotate five animals of your choice at 5-10 minute intervals; an animal list can be posted so guests know when to return. Additional hours will include additional animals. We can also add two table displays to this area with hands-on artifacts on one table and a bug and frog display on the other for an additional $50 per hour.

Option three: Our animal mix and mingle. This option is perfect for black tie events, cocktail parties or any large gathering. We bring our most hands on animals and will walk around to greet guests. Most animals can be held for photo oppurtunities as well.

Options one, two and three can include a costumed handler upon request to fit your theme.

First hour: $400, second hour $350 and each additional hour $300
Additional handlers are available for $200 per hour. An additional handler allows two animals to be out at the same time.

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Visits With Seniors & Special Needs Groups
animal party for seniorsWe do many interactive hands on programs for senior centers, assisted living facilities and special needs groups. We make each visit special by bringing our most hands on animals that will allow the guests to pet and enjoy an up close and personal experience. What a terrific alternative to pet therapy! We also have incredible discounts for multiple bookings, such as monthly or bimonthly visits. Many references available. Click here to see photos from these types of events.
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school assembly presentation, fundraiserChoose from any of our School Assemblies or Zooprize Parties to entice and entertain parents and children and help raise funds for your school.

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Photo Layouts, Videos & TV Specials
We have movie and TV experience. Plan your next fashion event with us. Prevailing hourly wage, animal rental, and travel. Cost: Call for Day Rates. (760) 723-7761