Packages for small groups of 25 or less.

Zoo Prize party

Pick Your Party!

Classic Zooprize - $400
Your choice of five animals

Wild Zooprize - $350
Six animals, trainer's choice

Ultimate Zooprize - $450
Your choice of seven animals and a photo session

Add animals for only $25 each.

"Zooprize Birthday Parties" are an incredibly unique way to celebrate a birthday, special event or even just a festive get together. We have four different Zooprize packages to choose from. The first is our Classic Zooprize where you choose five fantastic animals to custom-make your party (with monkey, fox, alligator, talking parrot, armadillo, ferret and hedgehog just to name a few — the decisions are tough). The other is our Creepy Crawler Zooprize. We will bring 8-10 different reptiles and bugs and zooprize your guests with our choices.

We also have an Ultimate Zooprize package that includes seven animals of your choice and a photo session with one of the animals at the end of the party for $425.

All of our zooprize animals arrive in prewrapped, ventilated birthday boxes so your guests will be surprised as each one makes its appearance. All children get involved with solving the fun rhymes and clues given by us to solve the mystery of what amzing animal is inside the box. The birthday child will be our Super Safari Helper and will be involved with all aspects of the event. We can also honor multiple children at the same party (twins, triplets, best friend or close neighbor). There is always the option to add animals as well for only $25 for each additional animal. Our zooprize parties are an incredible way to celebrate any event.

* We travel throughout the counties of San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange. Please call for exact quote on travel fees.

Click link for each animal to learn more about it.

monkey show talking parrot
Capuchin Monkey premium icon Talking Parrot
python cockatoo
Python Cockatoo
boa snake alligator show
Boa Snake Alligator
wallaby tree frog
Opossum Tree Frog
tarantula scorpion
Tarantula Scorpion
Cane Toad chinchilla
Cane Toad Chinchilla
Tamandua sugar glider
Tamandua** Sugar Glider
large tortoise fennec fox
Large Tortoise** Fennec Fox
small tortoise hairless cat
Small Tortoise Hairless Cat
bunny rabbit hedgehog
Rabbit Hedgehog
giant hissing cockroaches box turtle
Giant Hissing Cockroaches Box Turtle
ferret armadillo
Ferret Armadillo
tegu monitor lizard kookaburro
Tegu Monitor Lizard Laughing Kookaburra
sudanese plated lizard Walking Stick
Sudanese Plated Lizard Walking Stick
owl wallaby
Owl Wallaby**
bettong sloth
Bettong Sloth premium icon

These animals are touchable.
premium icon Additional charge.

*Animal choices for photo session are:
Python, Chinchilla, Hedgehog, Tortoise, Rabbit, Tegu Monitor Lizard.

**The wallaby is not available for parties at parks or open space areas.
**Large tortoises hibernate from December-April.
**The tamandua is not available for all events, please call for availability.


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