Our Meet & Greets allow your guests to come eye to eye with our animal ambassadors in a fun, safe, & educational environment. One of our trainers will be initiating conversation, answering all questions & facilitating interaction with the animals when possible. This is the perfect addition to your event, especially if there are other activities going on at the same time.

Classic Meet & Greet

Animal ambassadors are rotated every 5-10 minutes so people can enjoy the event and keep coming back for more fun. We can station ourselves as a place to go to within your event or the animal ambassadors can mix & mingle walking around with the trainer within your event. Suggested that you pick 5 Animal Ambassadors.

  • First hour: $425

  • Second hour $375

  • Each additional hour $300

Ultimate Meet & Greet

Take your event to the next level with the Ultimate Meet & Greet. This includes the fun interaction with animal ambassadors of our Classic Meet & Greet but creates additional opportunities to engage & learn with artifacts and small aquariums with animals such as a tree frog or a tarantula. All while adding a unique immersive experience your guests will never forget. Suggested that you pick 7 Animal Ambassadors.

2 hour minimum suggested.

  • First hour: $500

  • Second hour $400

  • Each additional hour $350

Photo Meet & Greet

A photo Meet & Greet allows your guests an unforgettable photo opportunity with our Animal Ambassadors that can be customized & created to fit the theme of your event. Harry Potter, Safari, Jungle, Medieval, or Spooky Halloween; Pacific Animal Productions is award winning in exhibit design and can provide curated backdrops & props to create a picture perfect snapshot. Pictures are taken by the guests or your own professional photographer. 

  • Price quote is customized based on variety of factors. Please call us to plan & discuss the perfect Photo Meet & Greet for your event.

We travel throughout Southern California. Please contact us for exact travel fee.

Animal Ambassadors

Meet some of the animals that can make your next event wild.

Please note: Animals with a “*” are not pettable and animals with a “!” require an additional charge.

Non-pettable Animals:

All Parrots & Macaws


American Kestrel 

Swainson’s Hawk

Fennec Fox



Premium Animals: