What age groups can you do shows or parties for?
We perform for any age group. Our shows and parties are always geared towards our audience and we adjust the content to appeal to that age group.

Do you give special discounts?
We give discounts for multiple bookings (if we do more than one show per year), or if you coordinate with another school or facility on the same day and we can visit both places on the same day. We also give mileage discounts if you schedule an event when we will already be in your area.

How do you get your animals?
Most of the animals with Pacific Animal Productions were donated by private zoos or individuals. Sometimes a government agency will place an exotic animal with Pacific Animal Productions for their protection or because the animal was found in an illegal location.

How far do you travel?
For our fairs and festivals we travel to many neighboring states. For our school shows and birthday parties we travel to San Diego, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, Lancaster and San Bernadino Counties. For special events we will travel farther. Mileage fees are calculated from Fallbrook and begin after 20 miles from our home.

How many people can I invite to one of your shows?
Pacific Animal Productions can create a fun production for an audience from two to 2,000 or more. Our in-house "Zooprize Parties" work best with 20 children or less. We do understand that sometimes you need to invite the whole class, which can work too. In that case, the production will be more like a show with not every animal touched by everyone. Either way, the entire group will have a GREAT time!

We recommend “Learning Safari" shows for schools. We advise that audience members be similar ages with about 300 students per group. For example, group kindergarten through third-grade students together, or third through fifth.