Pacific Animal Productions is renowned for its ability to bring wildlife education to life on a scale never seen before in the Fair industry.  From the mind & hand of Karla, Pacific Animal Productions brings design, innovation, class, production & most importantly wildlife education to millions of people across the western United States. For more than 2 decades fairs has given us unique avenue to reach more people in hopes of furthering our mission of wildlife education and conservation.

We create immersive, interactive walk through exhibits that step you right into the swamps of the Bayou, the canopy of the Rainforests, or even into the classroom with lessons in Bugology 1-0-Fun.

We are a member of Western Fairs Association whose mission is to build better fairs. In 2013, Pacific Animal Productions was awarded the WFA Barham Award which is given to those who represent innovation, quality, and leadership in the field of service.

Every exhibit is custom created. If interested in us being a part of your Fair or Festival please email us at

Animal Ambassadors