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The Western Fairs Association awarded Pacific Animal Productions the prestigious Barham Award at their Industry Awards Celebration at the WFA Convention in Reno on Jan. 20, 2013. Named in honor of Hot Dog on a Stick Founder Dave Barham, the award is given to businesses annually that demonstrate leadership, excellence and innovation. According to Connie Barham, "Karla Majewski [top row, 3rd from right], founded Pacific Animal Productions in 1987. Now her zoological collections travel throughout the west for school shows, grand events, fairs, movies and festivals with the goal of bringing animals and people closer together.We are excited to welcome Karla to the Barham family. She is both both innovative, collaborative and perfectly represents the spirit of the award."

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For those booking shows for Fairs & Festivals, you've come to the right place. Pacific Animal Productions is known for its creatively designed exhibits that are both entertaining and educational. Featuring hands-on interactive stations and options to add live animal shows and decorative plants, you can choose from a multitude of themes such as the ones listed below.

Cost: Call (760-723-7761) or email for detailed brochure and pricing options.

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Check out a video of our Rain Forest Exhibit Rain Forest show