list of animals

With more than 35 animals to choose from, the decisions can be tough. We have animals that are cute and furry to animals that are super creepy and crawly and everything in between. Custom make your party or assembly with YOUR animal choices. We always make sure the animals are a perfect fit for your event, so  give us a call for suggestions. Please remember that animals are subject to availability, so book early.

Click link for each animal to learn more about it.

monkey show talking parrot
Capuchin Monkey Talking Parrot
python cockatoo
Python Cockatoo
boa snake alligator show
Boa Snake Alligator
iguana tree frog
Iguana Tree Frog
tarantula scorpion
Tarantula Scorpion
Cane Toad chinchilla
Cane Toad Chinchilla
Tamandua sugar glider
Tamandua** Sugar Glider
large tortoise fennec fox
Large Tortoise** Fennec Fox
small tortoise hairless cat
Small Tortoise Hairless Cat
bunny rabbit hedgehog
Rabbit Hedgehog
giant hissing cockroaches box turtle
Giant Hissing Cockroaches Box Turtle
leopard gecko armadillo
Leopard Gecko Armadillo
tegu monitor lizard kookaburro
Tegu Monitor Lizard Laughing Kookaburra
sudanese plated lizard Walking Stick
Sudanese Plated Lizard Walking Stick
owl wallaby
Owl Wallaby**
bettong wallaby
Bettong Opossum
These animals are touchable.

*Animal choices for photo session are:
Python, Chinchilla, Hedgehog, Tortoise, Rabbit, Tegu Monitor Lizard.

**The wallaby is not available for parties at parks or open space areas.
**Large tortoises hibernate from December-April.
**The tamandua is not available for all events, please call for availability.