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With almost 20 Learning Safari show themes to choose from, (and more being added all the time), there is always a show to fit the theme of your event.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, we are great at creating new themes. Our Learning Safari shows are perfect for any event, from preschool to high school, family fun nights and fundraisers, library shows, company picnics, scout meetings, camps, and anywhere else people want to learn about animals. We can accommodate up to 400 people per assembly, but advise that audience members be similar ages with about 300 students per group. For example, group kindergarten through third-grade students together, or third through fifth. We provide our own sound system.

First assembly, $425. Second assembly is $350 if it's the same day and location. Classroom programs are $350. Scroll down for a complete list of themes.

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE. Call and let us help plan your event.

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Growing Food Wild Style You may be surprised by all the "wild" help it takes to grow our food. Pollination, seed planting, tree trimming and insect and pest control are all important factors in growing food. Let us introduce you to some of our "Wild" helpers of the food growers. You may be "deliciously" surprised!

Wild World Learn about different habitats and adaptations from a range of animals from around the world. We will learn about the different continents that these animals originate from and their special environments and how they adapt to their specific homes.

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Rainforest Alive Learn about the world’s rainforests and their animals from the emergent layer through the canopy and understory and all the way down to the forest floor with this exciting show. This show also has a conservation message that will be easy to follow, even for the youngest friends.

Fur, Feathers and Fun This hands on show is perfect for groups of 80 or less, but can accommodate larger groups as well. This show is an adventure in the sensations of touch, with the topic on the different animal body coverings and why each animal’s body has a different covering. From fur to feathers and scales to spines, there is a great lesson to learn.

Survivor Learn about each animal’s way of surviving, while trying to survive some challenges yourself. This show is great for large groups and varied ages. Volunteers will be chosen to “compete” with certain challenges against the animals. Speed, bravery and strength are just a few that will keep everybody cheering.

See, Touch and Learn Learn about the five animal families: arthropod, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal. Perfect for preschool and early grade school and a great learning experience for all.

Mrs. Noah’s Ark Mrs. Noah will arrive dressed in her full Ark attire to tell the story of how she cared for the animal’s on the Ark and the way each animal helped out and did their part as well. This is a wonderful biblical based story that is perfect for the younger friends to learn about Noah and the animals at the same time.

Tongues, Tales and Scales Learn the five different types of reptiles and what makes them feared by so many. These cold blooded creatures have sometimes been overdramatized by Hollywood and it is time to learn the truth about these scaly animals.

A Bug’zz Life What makes a bug (arthropod) so special and why are they so important in the circle of life? It’s time to find out. This show is perfect for all ages and grade levels and will include bug’s and bug eater’s!

Animal’s on The Edge This show is perfect for any age, we should all know about endangered animals and what we can do to help out. From simple recycling to adopting a part of the rainforest, this show end’s on the wonderful success story of the alligator, who was taken OFF the endangered species list in 1972.

Wild West Roundup Enjoy a fun hiking and camping adventure story, where you can discover the animals of the mountains, deserts and forests while pretending to be there yourself. Great for camps, picnics and family nights.

Make A Splash, Make A Difference Some animal’s lives are dependant on water and some animals can make due without. Learn how each animal makes the best use of their surroundings and how we can make a difference and help to make sure animals close to us can have abundant and clean water.

Animal Antics The hilarious things that animals do to survive. Some animals play dead, some can bend, twist and turn or wiggle away and some will make sounds to blend in with their surroundings. Each animal has it’s own antics and what a fun way to learn about what they do.

God’s Great Creatures Custom make your own show with your favorite animals. Even from the creepiest animals, they are all God’s great creatures and were put here for a reason. Let us teach you about each animal’s job in the wild and why God chose to share each one with us.

North American Natives From our own backyard to the opposite coast, we are so lucky to have such beautiful animals living near by. Learn about the amazing creatures that share our native North America with us.

Out of Africa Go on an African adventure to discover the secretive animals of Africa. So many sounds are heard, but the smaller animals are rarely seen. Discover what so many are missing.

Animal Champions Who are the super heroes of the animal world? From the longest living to the longest in legnth, prepare to be amazed with the incredible facts we will share with you. You too will realize what true super heroes we have in our midst.